NLM values are Gospel-based.  We believe in treating people with dignity, compassion and respect; and, in providing quality service in a clean environment, given freely; offering encouragement and hope; and, empowering self-sufficiency.  

Felix Russo - Pastor/Director of New Life Mission - 415 Henry St., Hamilton, OH


To be Pioneers in Poverty Reduction in Butler County.

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Lighting a Path from Poverty to Self-Sufficiency.

We believe in providing services with the highest standards of integrity and truth, through partnerships and collaboration.  

"The mission cared for me and showed me love after my son was murdered" Burdell K.

Hope in Action

"Sometimes this is the only meal I have during the day"

Wayne E.

 Hot Meals

 Food Pantry

 Eyeglass assistance

 Community Resource Assistance

​Onsite Resource Partnerships


Our first thought regarding poverty is lacking material possessions.  

Poverty's root cause is relational.

Broken relationships with God, self, others and creation.


"the goal is to restore people to experiencing humanness in the way that God intended." Excerpt From: "When Helping Hurts."  Moody Publishers, 2012